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How to Start an Alternative Loan Program


Communities across the United States are looking for ways to provide loan assistance to people in financial need, as an alternative to predatory payday and car title loans. The need is real but putting a program in place that can provide a safe, viable, affordable alternative solution can be a challenge.

Finding adequate sources of funds. Getting cooperation and support from local banks and credit unions. Setting up the proper infrastructure. Handling the legal and regulatory requirements. Growing awareness that your program exists. All of these are challenges that many of us in the Coalition have faced and battled. Too often without knowing where to turn for help.

The reason I formed the Coalition for Safe Loan Alternatives was to provide a forum where we could share best practices on alternative loan programs that are working. So for this inaugural webinar event of the Coalition for Safe Loan Alternatives, I thought this was the appropriate first step.

This webinar is for you if you have an alternative loan program, but want to learn how to manage it better. Or if you need an alternative loan program in your community, and don’t know where to start. Of if you just want to learn about how different groups are addressing similar challenges in different communities. I want this to be interactive and information-sharing, so it is both informative and interesting.

View the presentation at:


Presenters included:


Lucy Mullany, Senior Policy Associate | Asset Building
Heartland Alliance and Illinois Asset Building Coalition
Lucy Mullany leads the Financial Empowerment Policy Project at Heartland Alliance, which includes serving as the coordinator of the statewide coalition, the Illinois Asset Building Group (IABG). She advocates for policies that close the racial wealth gap, expand access to the tools families need to build long-term financial security, and protect consumers from predatory financial products.


Patrick Woodruff, Executive Director at Prosperity Connection and VP Community Development at St. Louis Community Credit Union.
As Executive Director of Prosperity Connection and Vice President of Community Development at SLCCU, Patrick is responsible for seeking out and managing funding opportunities that support and advance both organizations’ missions of providing financial capability and access to underserved populations.